Hi! Welcome ^^ this is my first article here on WHI.
I was tagged by @TirannoSara_rex to do this challenge :) thank you so much for tagging me!


This is the original challenge:

Now, let's begin!

1. What's Your Zodiac Sign?

Image removed virgo, zodiac, and astrology image stars, aesthetic, and gold image her, white, and aesthetic image
dedicated, resourceful, helpful, hardworking & witty

I'm a virgo!

2. Where Would You Go If You Could Go Anywhere?

pink, japan, and flowers image anime, aesthetic, and anime aesthetic image pink, japan, and aesthetic image dress, Harajuku, and japanese fashion image

Right now, I would really love to travel to Japan, specifically Tokyo since I am a big fan of J-fashion and anime and I dream of going to Harajuku and Akihabara ^^ I would like to go to Sanrio Puroland as well <3

3. Which Celebrity Do You Look Up To?

Seventeen, dino, and jun image Temporarily removed beautiful, Corea, and k-pop image Seventeen, dino, and jun image
say the name! Seventeen~

Well, very obviously, I'm a Carat... Let me tell you something, these boys inspire me every single day. They are so hard-working, they have such a strong bond with each other, and they care so much about us! They're my happiness.
And when I say that I look up to them, I mean that I think they are very educated and intelligent people, everytime they amaze me more with the things they say. I respect them very much and they are my role-models.
As Wonwoo said, idols are judged mainly on their looks and that's a bit sad, but they are so much more than that and they choose to prove that stereotype wrong all the time. They are talented and they live their lives to the fullest, not caring about others but being themselves. I aspire to be like that someday too.

...Oops, sorry for the long rant. I could seriously talk all day about Seventeen.

4. What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Image by Ana Kerenina alternative image food, strawberry, and aesthetic image Image by SINA
gluttony & sloth .///.

When I sleep all day or eat too much I feel happy but after that I feel guilty and kasfjaks idk I hate that feeling T.T

5. Are You A Mountain Or Sea Person?

Temporarily removed Seventeen, healing, and kpop image beach, dino, and DK image blue, beach, and aesthetic image

Well, I've never been to the mountains so I can't really tell... But I love water and I go to the beach almost every year, so I'll say that I'm a sea person.
And yes, I deadass used 2 pics from Seventeen's "Healing" MV.

6. Which Songs Always Cheer You Up?

J-pop, perfume, and kashiyuka image bangs, fringe, and hood image Image removed eric, jacob, and kevin image
mainly j-pop and k-pop

J-pop is always so fun! If I'm in a bad mood, I'll listen to "Pon Pon Pon" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (a classic) or maybe "Puppy Love" by Perfume.
Of course I can't forget about Seventeen! Their song "Healing" is my favorite because it reminds me to not worry about everything all the time (wich I do) and to take a rest. "What's Good" is another song about having fun and forgetting about your worries. They have plenty of songs like that, it's one of the reasons why I like them so much.

Another one is "Keeper" by The Boyz, I really love the cheerful vibe it has and the lyrics are very cute <3

"All the things that hurt you
People who keep provoking you
In order to block all of those things, I’ll circle around you
And protect you"

Lastly, "Air Balloon" by Lily Allen and "I wanna get better" by Bleachers are other two songs that lift my mood :)

7. Is There A Fantasy World You Would Like To Live In, if so, Which One?

crystal, tokyo, and anime image couple, hello kitty, and soft image aesthetic, red, and blue image quotes, rainbow, and world image
nothing specific

I can't think of any specific world that I would like to live in. Perhaps a place where magic is real ^^

8. What's Your Lucky Number?

Seventeen, jeonghan, and DK image DK, 1004, and jeonghan image
not sure of what pics to put so- take these cuties

My favorite number is 3~ Also, 8, 13, 17 (guess why), 1004 and 1802~

9. If You Could Choose One Element for Bending, What Would It Be?

Temporarily removed water, waves, and ocean image aesthetics, blue, and lights image
earth or water~

I really can't choose between earth or water... I love water but since I am an earth sign... I feel like I am more earthy? If that makes sense.

10. What Is One Thing You Can't Live Without?

album, kpop, and Seventeen image Image removed solar, mamamoo, and moonbyul image 17, aesthetic, and kpop image
music & friendships

I love listening to music all the time: when I travel, when I walk, when I eat, when I'm alone, when I'm with my family, when I'm with my friends, when I sleep, when I study. All the time.
And I really value my friends because I really wouldn't be the same without them. They always care for me and we have a lot of fun together! I hope I can make them feel the same ywy (I put pics of Mamamoo because I love their friendship~)

11. What's Your Favorite Sad Song(s)?

Image removed harry potter and hogwarts image

OKAY. Listen. "Help" by 10cm is the saddest shit ever. I legit almost cried when I read de lyrics and literally cried when I watched the MV. Idk how to say this in English but pega donde más duele T.T If you don't know this song and you like crying like me then I recommend that you listen to it and search the lyrics!
Another one that comes to my mind is "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance. Oh, that one is so beautiful but so sad :'( and yes, despite the cute aesthetic I am very emo...tional. Yes.

12. Which App Are You Addicted To?

kawaii and little twin stars image grunge, pale, and keyboard image friends, summer, and cd image pink, aesthetic, and game image

Mmm... It changes with the time. I mostly use Twitter and Tumblr. I mainly use WHI on my laptop now because my phone is pretty full... Same with Pinterest. I also have Instagram but I'm not a big fan of it.
Regarding games, as I said I don't have many because I don't have enough storage but i love!!! Mystic Messenger. I haven't been playing it a lot recently because school but during the summer I get really addicted to it~ And I'm waiting until they release Pledis Superstar so I can play Seventeen's songs. I really like music games, like Osu or Love Live.

13. Are You A Morning or An Evening Person?

clouds, morning, and sky image Image removed
I wanna be your morning baby~

Okay, tbh I'm not really either because I go to sleep pretty late and wake up late at least on week-ends (during the week I go to sleep late and wake up super early). So it may seem like I'm more of a night person. But when I do get up early (wich requires a lot of effort) I enjoy it a lot more than staying up late!
Like, during mornings I feel more positive and like I still have the whole day and idk I just really like the concept of mornings. Also, imagine waking up next to the love of your life <3 yeah maybe I read too many fanfictions...
On the other side, it's during the nighttime that I get the most negative and I start to overthink and I have trouble sleeping and I feel like I justed all the day and and and... a lot.
So, in conclusion, morning. (And yes, I put a Seventeen quote there).

14. Who's Your Favorite Youtuber?

colorful, kawaii, and pastel image Temporarily removed kawaii, angelic pretty, and sweet lolita image Image removed
mainly fashion youtubers!

I really like Pixielocks, Lovely Lor and Princess Peachie! As I said before, I am a big fan of J-fashion, so I enjoy watching their videos. Their content is great and they are really nice people too <3
If I had to say a comedian youtuber, ProZD is simply hilarious.

15. If You Could Switch Your Life With Someone For A Day, Who Would It Be?

yellow, bee, and quotes image empowerment, girl power, and inspiration image quotes, wallpaper, and you image Temporarily removed
again idk what to put so have some positivity

I'm not too sure about this... I don't think I want to be anyone else, I just want to be the best version of myself. I want to be someone kind and loving, who can make others happy.

16. What's Your Favorite Colour?

nature, green, and tree image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed flowers, bambi, and indie image
green & pink

I love all colors actually! I love rainbows <3 but if I had to choose, I like dressing in pink cause I feel cute uwu lol and I like being surrounded by green, and for some reason I always like green characters (take, Buttercup, Sailor Jupiter, Lettuce from TMM, etc).

17. What's A Random Interest or Passion of Yours?

art, pastel, and aesthetic image art, black and white, and drawing image Temporarily removed Image removed

I like drawing, singing and dancing in my room when I'm alone :P I also like cleaning and organizing my room but only when I have a lot of free time because it takes really long.

18. Do You Prefer Sunrises or Sunsets?

Temporarily removed Image removed

As I said before, I like mornings the most because I feel like I still have the whole day to be productive!

19. What's Your Favorite Swear Word?

Image by ☾

My favorite swear word lmao this is literally the most random question in the whole list. Okay, so I don't swear a lot and I find it kind of annoying when other people do it all the time. But I love the word "fuck", like it's veryy useful, it can be used as a noun, an adjective or a verb. I love its versatility. Even when I'm speaking in Spanish I curse in English.

20. If You Could Ask Your Future Self One Question, What Would It Be?

car, cigarette, and smoke image clock, pink, and roman numerals image

This is really hard... I think I would ask myself if I am happy with my life, and if there's anything I should do now because then it would be too late.

That's it!
Thanks for reading and sorry for making it so long :') I just think a lot when I get asked this kind of questions. I hope you could get to know me a little bit more. If anyone really read anything,, I don't know what to say honestly, thank you for taking your time and having interest in someone as me... If you want hmu idk. I don't really talk with anyone here.

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