With every breath she takes, I feel as if I am floating
As if I am flying and I want to scream.

And with every step I take I feel bad as if I am harming her
I never want to hurt her
I never want to see her in pain
The mere thought makes me want to vomit.

The acidity in my stomach is quaking as I learn how she feels.
I skip meals to learn how she feels to be losing what she needs
But she will never get it back so I will starve until I fall to my knees
But she doesn't have that. Her knees are water capped by fish
With hooks hooked through the centre so that she can't move.

I want to cry all the time
I want her to see that I cry
I want her to know that I care
But she can't see past the cataract's in her eyes that are there.

Blue doesn't exist anymore to me
Green doesn't exist anymore to me
Blue has turned to white and green has become grey
They turned her into a fucking microwave
Gone has been the days in which the whole world loved her accidentally

Her beautiful skin had become nothing of something
With burn scars and ice marks
Malnutrition, dry skin, and she's drowning.

She's coughing, she's coughing and no one seems to care.