Things that occurred but moments ago seem like sad, distant memories. Actions done not by me but a stranger, mistakes I make and stress I face allow distance to grow between my body and my mind every second of every day. But much like my character this feeling is not consistent. As times passes, I bask under the light that is coherency with the things that go on around me. Feeling grounded is so beautiful yet at times, much like now, it seems unattainable. I bury myself further away through distraction. I try and cram and stuff as much information about the outside world so that maybe it feels a little more real. But all this does is distract me, its therapeutic properties seem to escape me and I am left once again separated. I face the person I love and see him as a stranger, kiss him and feel like this is just movie, hold him and think about how part of me feels miles away. My reality is one of not feeling here, my reality is one of inconsistent feelings and episodes, and it screws me over every time.