here are a few items that I believe are essential to everybody's closet.

1. one good pair of jeans
everyone needs at least one pair of jeans that they can wear for anything whether it be skinny, mom, boyfriend, straight legged, flared etc.

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2. bodysuits
these are really good for accentuating your body

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3. Concert/Merch Shirts
these are great conversation starters as if you find someone who likes the same band or celebrity as you. And they look cute.

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4. Belts
belts are a great way of keeping ill fitting pants or skirts up and making your waist look smaller. also they come in so many different styles that you can even make them a statement piece.

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5. Beanies
these are the best hats for winter and fall weather and look super cute

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6. hoodies
this doesn't really need an explanation except for the fact that hoodies are awesome

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7. collared shirts
these types of shirts are a he fashion item now because of brands like Ralph Lauren and the growth of the thrifting trend with many people cropping tops like this

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8. skirts
though skirts aren't everyones favourite honestly it can make an outfit so much cuter and can be worn like a pair of jean shorts or a good part of a two piece outfit

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9. dresses
honestly dresses are the easiest as there is no need to find a bottom that matches with a top and nowadays so many are made that you can find one for every event.

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10. bralettes
whether you wear these just under your clothes (they're way more comfy) or under a see through top they can make an outfit look so good.

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