also i'm gonna include all my favourite rappers, only the ones that don't get the attention they deserve. so if your fave doesn't end up here don't get triggered pls 🤠

also these people aren't hugely slept on but i feel like people who are more into kpop rather than khh that probably haven't heard of these people so these are more for them


Temporarily removed bloo and mkit rain image
my fave solo artist 😤✊🏼


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i was actually surprised and how many views his mvs get

jooheon (monsta x)

jooheon image kpop, rapper, and jooheon image
he's starting to get more recognition, but i'm gonna scream if people don't pay attention to him 🤠

yezi (fiestar)

kpop, yezi, and fiestar image yezi, kpop, and fiestar image


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glad he won smtm777, maybe people can stan more talent now 🤧

hash swan

krap, khiphop, and smtm image krap, khiphop, and smtm5 image
hash brown uwu

miryo (brown eyes girls)

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better rapper than cl in my opinion but like ok 🤧

ok i'm done

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ok thanks bye uwu