1. Draw & Paint

beautiful, nature, and paint image Temporarily removed Image removed art, coffee, and drawing image

2. Go For A Walk In The Cold Weather

winter, nature, and snow image snow, winter, and christmas image winter, snow, and nature image girl, snow, and winter image

3. Go To The Sauna & Get A Massage

snow, winter, and adventure image Temporarily removed snow, cold, and winter image bath, girl, and health image

4. Drink Hot Chocolate

coffee, winter, and cozy image Temporarily removed marshmallow, chocolate, and hot ​chocolate image Temporarily removed

5. Play Board Games

chess, game, and aesthetic image fun, gryffindor, and harry potter image etsy, vintage board game, and family game night image gry planszowe sklep, groteka44, and gry planszowe image

6. Ice Skating

ice, winter, and ice skating image winter, ice skating, and christmas image Inspiring Image on We Heart It skates, ice skating, and skating image

7. Build A Snowman

winter, snowman, and snow image snowman and winter image snow, winter, and snowman image winter, snow, and snowman image

8. Play In The Snow

winter, christmas, and snow image Temporarily removed angel, snow, and winter image winter, snow, and child image

9. Make A Winter Playlist

fashion, whi, and coffee image angel, ed sheeran, and iphone image iphone, apple, and white image music, rain, and iphone image

10. Write Small Stories & Get A Bullet Journal

school, study, and motivation image winter, christmas, and cold image bullet journal, december, and journal image rain, writting, and quote image

11. Stay With Your Pet All Day Long

cat, animal, and grey image winter, dog, and snow image adventure, dog, and animal image cat, animal, and cute image

12. Get Some Light Chains Up In The Home

blur, tree, and branches image light and lightchains image light, sky, and blue image light, girl, and bright image

13. Warm Yourself By The Fireplace

cozy and home image decor, rustic, and cabin image fire, winter, and cozy image Image by marie m.

14. Buy This Year's Sweater

fashion, sweater, and clothes image sweater, winter, and christmas image fashion, winter, and autumn image fashion, sweater, and autumn image

15. Knit

blue, knit, and navy image autumn, cozy, and fall image autumn, fall, and coffee image autumn, coffee, and cozy image

16. Movie Night

disney, bed, and movie image movie, bed, and room image christmas, winter, and home alone image disney, cozy, and nutella image

17. Eat Waffles

food, waffles, and delicious image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed aesthetic, brunch, and coffee image

18. Go To The Library

book, home, and room image aesthetic, alternative, and black image book, cozy, and coffee image buildings, charleston, and christmas image

19. Make A Cave

20. Go To The Tea Room

21. Make Ice Crystals

22. Make Your Own Candles

Hope It Can Inspire.
Have A Good Winter <3