hello! im fernanda, you can call me fer for short! i've been a weheartit user for a while now and i would like for you to meet me! i love making friends so don't be shy!

my style 💖

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im pretty feminine, i like wearing cute clothes but i also have a rude and darker side too, i like wearing skirts and dresses and i love chokers!

personality 😽

i have depression and a personality disorder between other things that make my life very diffucult but i love to be kind with others. im very caring and always willing to help anyone in need.

im also in love with my boyfriend omg hes so cute AAAA

i may be very sweet but im kind of satan too LMAO ashdsdj i have a strong sense of humor as well n i can be very sassy if i want to

i can't stand rudeness and disrespect, i always want everyone to feel safe, and i love my friends very much

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im very sassy and i like having fun always, but i also worry about my friends a lot, im like. passive agressive FHSJDH but im nice i promise!

hair and eyes 😻

im from chile, but even though that makes me latina, people always assume im asian because of my eyes and pale skin..

i have been asked that question like more 10 times and i always say the same thing... no

i have straight bangs and long brown hair, but i dyed it and had a balayage done so now its blond at the ends!

my instagram is @gataflaite the link is also in my bio!

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im tall and very skinny, my friends are always telling me i look like an anime girl so here you go

my passions 😼

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i absolutely love singing, drawing, writing and listening to music, i love all types of art

color 💗

my favorite color is pink! all tones of pink. i like bublegum pink the most

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i want the "pink is too girly n childish and only for girls" mindset to be dead already, its cute n pretty stfu its great

food 🍰

i love sweet and bittersweet things! but i also enjoy salty

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i love japanese and thai food, im a very picky eater too!

tv shows 😾

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i like emotional shows, romcoms, comedies and psychological shows! i watch anime more than anything
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music 🎶 i mostly listen to indie, rock, hiphop, r&b and kpop, but i dont judge by genre and just listen to whatever sounds good, including instrumentals. my favorite artists are marina, lana del rey, japanese breakfast and mitski.

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animals 🐯 i love insects such as moths n butterflies, but i also enjoy reptiles like lizards and crocodiles! i also LOVE opossums, meerkats, and cats

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quotes ✌🏼 theres always time to be better, be kind and respectful and be always grateful for what you have.

thank you so much for reading!
here are some collections that represent me.

check them out because i promise they're good ok

bye bye!

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜