It happened on a cold June afternoon. Yes, I knew it was going to happen, but hopes were as stable as a wall of an old house. It was so simple, like throwing a rose at the sea, he left in such a quiet way, when blowing a dandelion on a spring afternoon, serene, calm. Everyone knew it was going to happen, but everyone also had that little point of light shining in their eyes indicating that it was such a hope, the one they say is the last to die, and all that stuff. But unfortunately, as like all the other pain like that, it happened. And is so fun what he left behind. Flowers. Beautiful and scented rose buds of the most varied colors. The backyard looked like a flowers sea than a regular backyard, and each one of them remind me the way that he speaked, walked and even how he breathed.

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Oh, the love... Such a beautiful feeling, so eternal and graceful, like the lightness of the wind, like the knock of wings of a swallow, it doesn't die when our other half is gone, it keeps around us, our heads, hearts, and it keeped there for a long time, until becomes just a comfort feeling. This is my love. He was just like Spring, like a flower. His voice, his eyes, everything reminded me of the gracefulness of how flowers were born, of how that little seeds become beautifully colored and deliciously scented petals. He was just like a bay lantern, he guided me, comforted me.

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How can I explain that he was everything and nothing at the same time for me? How can I explain to myself that my safe harbor is gone, just like a necklace that sink in the ocean? I can not say that it was perfect, it was far away from perfection, but relationships like lakes are stable, dead. Not ours. It was like the waves crushing into the ocean, was wild, hectic, noisy, breathless...

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Oh, the flowers! How could they do this to me? They're so simple, so resplendent, so flowers, they took my half... that's what the doctors say. But how do you believe in people who do not know flowers as much as I know them? They're harmless. When we do not have something to blame, we decide to blame the ingenuity. And it is when this judgment is made that we realize that the world does not fulfill our desires, it just gives us the place so we can realize them by ourselves. But how can I accomplish what I want, if I have lost my reason? My half? How could something that brought so much peace and joy to your life have taken it away?

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He loved them. Just because they are seeds that become beautiful emotions. He took care of each one with love and dedication. And I loved him. I love him. But for me ... the flowers remained.

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This is my first article, I'm so excited! I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian skaopskaposk
But I did in English, which I think is easier for everyone to understand.
I really hope you liked it, this was an old story I wrote and I really like it !!