hello there! i love Christmas movies (I even watch some during July), so I thought about making a list of all my faves♡ get your popcorn ready and start the movie marathon!
P.S: I haven't watched Home Alone yet (don't hate me)

A Christmas Prince
An undercover journalist gets to stay in the castle with the Aldovia royal family, she starts working as the little sister teacher, but ends up falling in love with the prince.

The Santa Clause
A journalist replaces Santa Claus after he falls from his house's roof during Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Chronicles
Two siblings get on an adventure with Santa Claus after they jump into his sleigh, it's a night they will literally never forget.

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The Grinch
The Grinch is a man that hates Christmas, the cheer, the music, and everything about it... so he decides to ruin it.

A baby human accidentally ends up in the North Pole with all the elfs and Santa, so he grows up there; until one day he finds out he's not actually an elf and goes to New York to find his family.

The Polar Express
Some kids get picked up by a train: "The Polar Express" which takes them to the North Pole, filled with lots of adventures, new friendships, and miracles.

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Christmas with the Kranks
They always have a Christmas party in their house, but this year they decided to not do that, skip the decoration & go on a vacation. Until their daughter surprises them and says she's going home for Christmas, now they have to rush and get everything done before she arrives.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The king of the pumpkins decides to kidnap Santa Claus and bring fear to people instead of joy during Christmas time.

The Princess Switch
A baker and a soon to be princess discover they look alike, so they decide to switch lives for a few days without anyone around knowing.

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