Hi guys! This is my first article on we heart it and I hope you like it because I will refer to an important issue …
SOO…It’s the most wonderful time of the year.. Oh yeah of course I’m talking about the most beautiful time of the year: Christmas!!

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A word, one thousand feelings and memories together. Really what were your favorite Christmas? All we have lived some good times with our favorite persons and friends . When it is time for family Christmas tables, we will all be looking forward. We will eat until we go out, we laugh with funny family memories and will love each moment.

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Christmas is coming, it's at our doorstep. We will welcome them as appropriate. Beautiful, white, magical Christmas. We all love them, young and old.They are now everywhere in the atmosphere, they smell bored tufted and chocolate melomakarona. The lights flicker happily on the streets and ask for some of your attention. The rhythm of the songs excites you and a little dose of magic embraces you as you walk into the ornate streets.

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We love them because they are a special time that creates only positive emotions and wide smiles ( and others melancholies). Because we hear the same and the same Christmas songs or watch movies and every time we like it more and more. We love them because they fill us with hope for everything we want and everything we feel.

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Let's leave behind all the unfortunate moments that have made us sad this year and stay positive for a new beginning. Take a Christmas night on the balcony and look at the stars. Choose whoever smiles first and make wishes. Best wishes. It is Christmas and wishes always catch.

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Ps:That’s all for now..
If you want to send me what your favorite Christmas is,I will be very happy.And don’t forget always smile..till next time kisses!! :)

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