For a long time, I've always had a certain hatred against people who were previously in my life. I would avoid them when they wanted to meet up, I would cut conversations short, and I would try my very best to show them my life is much better without them in it.

But I never knew why I developed this habit. Maybe because whenever I think of them, all I think of was bad memories. Maybe, just maybe, the only thing I remembered from being with them were bad things. That lead to a lot of unhappiness in my life. Bringing them up would make me upset, the thought of the place and people would make me upset, and I never seemed like I was a very happy person when talking about it.

The truth is, I was so consumed by all my bad memories with those people and that place, that I forgot all the good things and lessons that I learned because of them. A few days ago, looking back at old photo albums, I saw how happy I was, even though that was not how I pictured it.

I saw that even though they were people that I barely knew now, they were once my closest friends, despite however many bad experiences there were. We still laughed together, shared memories together, and they still cared about me, and all I did was push them away.

They wished me happy birthday but all I ever did was say thank you and goodbye when they clearly wanted to catch up. I avoided all the gatherings because I thought I hated being with them, but I clearly forgot that I actually loved being with them.

So, what's the point of this? My point is, sometimes I look at things so negatively that it reflects on how I see life. I miss out on all the beautiful things that could have and would have, if I just let go and keep an open mind on all the things. I thought I was unhappy with my past, but my past is what makes my today. They might have not been the best forms of support, but they definitely played a big role is being a huge part of my life and it's definitely on me when they reach out to try to catch up with each other.

Looking back at how there were actually a lot of happy memories, I regret not trying. I missed out on all the chances to make more good memories.

They might call you optimistic, but optimism is beautiful. Being able to see beauty in things makes life beautiful. It makes you not miss out on chances and it makes you a happier person. Even though I can't turn back time and mend old regrets, I can always start tomorrow. I can always start now. It's never too late to change your point of view in things.

Be adventurous. Take risks. Do things your future self will thank you for. I love you.