Hey people! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m sure you know that we are edging closer and closer to my favourite time of the year, Christmas! So I put this article together to give you some ideas on what to give your friends, family, whoever it is, this Christmas. And without any further ado, let’s get to the list!

Prints or Artwork

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I just think that this is a really good idea! If you know this person’s style and tastes, you could just pick some art or prints to give to them as decoration. Or if you make artwork, maybe make one for them. And every time they see it, they’ll remember you and what you gave them!


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I know that this is a very common one but I personally would be delighted to find a candle given to me. They just make any place look nice and cozy and definitely puts on a Christmas vibe.


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This one is a little tricky, you could get it very wrong or so right! It truly depends on how much you know the person you’re giving this to. This one just feels a little bit special especially if you know what they like!

A Scratch-Off Map

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You can find this one in stores or there are a lot online. This one is really good for travellers and wanderlust-filled people. It could either function as a reminder for where they’ve been or an inspiration to see where they dream of going to. Either way, whoever you’re going to give this to is going to absolutely adore it.

A Bag or Purse

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This one is a really functional gift that you could give anyone and you’ll be sure that they get use out of it. I just love it when I see people actually using the things that I gave them and seeing that they actually appreciated it.

A Robe

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A robe gives the feel of being put together or the feeling like you are on vacation, which is a feeling that everyone should feel. This is just a nice touch because it personally inspires me to do some self-care, so whoever you’ll give this to might feel the same!

Shower Set

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I’m always happy with a good shower set! Anyone could use them and they are so handy. Everyone needs a good shower gel!


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This is a very obvious one. If you are familiar with this person’s style then go ahead and get them some nice fashionable clothes.


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If they really love a show or a movie or a band or whatever it may be, get them some merch. They’re guaranteed to love what you give!


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Again, if you know this person’s style really well then this one is a really good option. Décor could help their place look nice and put together.

Reusable Straws and Coffee Cups

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Not only will the person appreciate this but the environment will as well. I think gifting people the reusable items could be what drives them into being more conscious about the environment and what they use so this is a really great idea!


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Food is always a great idea!


Hey there! Thank you so much for reading!

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