Very early On the 26th, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter, but the effects of this have been felt since late last week and will last until the 27th. Also on the 26th, retrograde Mercury will square Mars.

On the 27th, the Sun will conjunct retrograde Mercury and Mars will sextile Saturn. Later on, still on the 27th, retrograde Mercury will conjunct Jupiter.

On the 30th, Venus will oppose retrograde Uranus. At the same time, the effects of the upcoming Sun square Mars will be in effect, although this aspect won’t be exact until the 2nd of December.

On the 1st of December, Mercury will retrograde back into the sign of Scorpio. On the 2nd of December, Venus will enter the sign of Scorpio.

All times Central Standard Time (CST).

Please be aware that for best results you should read your Ascendant sign instead of your Sun (star) sign. If you do not know your ascendant sign, you can find out by requesting a free natal chart at


The sector of your chart to do with learning, other cultures and countries as well as the law and publishing is lit up at this time. Many of you will be travelling, and while there may be delays and mix-ups, the early part of the week looks to be a wonderful time in general for you. Those still bound to a desk or job will find that they are able to do well and achieve what they set out to do at this time. The latter part of the week brings a perhaps unexpected twist to your relationships. You may find yourself in disagreement initially, thinking that your views or beliefs are in some way being called into account. As the week ends, you are much more interested in discussing matters related to intimacy and shared resources.


The sector of your chart to do with intimacy and shared resources is lit up at this time. You may find that you are having to deal with mix-ups and delays in relation to insurances, taxes, inheritances or finances. Although any errors will be bothersome, you are likely to feel good about the direction that things are moving in these areas early in the week. Where you may feel some discord is with groups that you belong to or among friends. Later in the week, you may have some surprise news regarding a situation with co-workers or your employment. Discussions regarding relationships will be intense from Sunday onward, but also prone to miscommunications over the following week.


The arena of your relationships, and close friendships is lit up at the moment. While there may be delays and mix-ups in this area of your life, the early part of this week looks pretty good. Where you may face some discord this week is in relation to your career or public reputation. In the latter part of the week, there may be some surprises in relation to a friend or those you know through groups you are a member of. From Sunday, and over the next week, you may find that miscommunications in the workplace are more plentiful, especially with co-workers. Some may hear from someone who they used to work with.


You may be feeling good about your general health and fitness at this time, and your relationship with co-workers. The only real blip on the landscape seems to be in relation to beliefs and world-views. You may need to watch that you and a co-worker do not get into a war or words a few times this week There may be a surprise in store for you in relation to your career, and this may have some repercussions in your home life. From the end of the week and into the next you may find yourself taking up some form of hobby or recreation that you used to enjoy. Social occasions, creative projects, sporting events and matters relating to your children may be prone to mix-ups and delays from Sunday and into next week.


This continues to be a fun time for you, although you can expect mix-ups and miscommunications when it comes to socializing, creative projects and your children. There one area of your life where you may face some difficulty this week is in relation to intimacy and shared resources and finances. Near the end of the week, you may hear some surprising news, likely related to overseas persons or ventures, higher education or the law. As the week comes to an end, you may find yourself more involved in home and family. From Sunday into the next week, you may be in contact with long-lost relatives or find yourself dealing with mix-ups and delays related to your home.


Home and family are very much highlighted in your chart at the moment, and are the areas where you may be prone to mix-ups and delays in the first part of the week. That doesn’t mean that it will be all misery and turmoil in these areas of your life though, there are many happy moments that are likely to occur too. There may be some disagreements with a partner or close friend this week as well. This may be in relation to where you live or family matters. Shared finances, taxation, insurances or inheritances may have a surprise in store for you near the end of the week. From Sunday and into next week, communications are likely to increase in general, and may be prone to errors and oversights for the next week.


Early in the week, you are likely to find that communications are prone to mix-ups and delays but will have their moments of joy and happiness as well. The main area to watch for this week is in relation to those that you work with or regarding your health. Near the end of the week, there may be some surprising news from a significant other or regarding partnerships. From Sunday and into next week, you will likely be paying more attention to your finances and possessions. This is a good thing, as the likelihood of errors is stronger in this part of your chart then.


Money is very much on your mind at the moment and while it may be the cause of some celebration, you also need to keep an eye on it as this is an area of your chart that is prone to mix-ups and delays for most of this week. When it comes to matters relating to your children, creativity or socializing, you may run into some opposition or disagreements during the week. There may be surprises regarding those that you work with, or in relation to your health in some way late in the week. As the week draws to a close, you are likely to be thinking more about how you are perceived by others or your image in some way. Those that are thinking of a revamp or a new look would do best to wait until the end of next week.


You are likely to be very much out and about at the moment, and have a lot to say as well. You may find yourself committing a few faux pas at times, particularly when it comes to family but nothing that is too drastic. There may be surprises for you in relation to your children, or an activity or hobby that you enjoy. Some may find themselves involved in a private or hidden love affair near the end of the week. You are likely to be a lot more introspective near the end o the week. Into next week you may be brooding more on past events, make sure you are looking at these events realistically.


This is a time when you need and should be getting more rest and downtime if possible. There are a few times this week when communications may go awry and arguments more likely. Early in the week, and then near the end of the week, it may be a case of you being a little more sensitive than usual, and prone to snapping at others. On the home-front, there is likely to be a surprise of some sort near the end of the week. Over the weekend, you may hear from a long-lost friend, or revisit groups that you were once affiliated with. Miscommunications with friends is high late in the week and into the next.


The areas of your life to do with friends, groups that you belong to and networking are all lit up at this time. There is likely to be lots to celebrate and be excited about in these areas, but also mix-ups and delays at times. Money may be a contentious issues at times this week. You may receive some surprise news from overseas or about higher education near the end of the week. From Sunday and into next week, you may be in touch with those that you used to work with. For some a workplace romance may begin near the end of the week or beginning of next week.


Your career and public reputation areas are all lit up at this time. While this is likely to be quite favorable to you, this is also an area of your life that is prone to mix-ups and delays at this time. You may also find that you are a little more aggressive in the workplace at this time. There may be some surprising news for you regarding your finances or possession near the end of the week. From Sunday and into next week, you may look into undergoing some further training or hear from those you know from previous study or that live overseas. Romance with someone who comes from a different country or culture than you is also possible as the week draws to a close.