Before bullying was a word and people start to be aware of this issue mock someone constantly was considered like something “normal” kids do. Because this happened back in the time it was naturalize. No one ever took the time to think about how this can affect someone since it were “jokes”. People who were bullied were trapped between stay silent and wait for the bully to get tired of them and stop or defend themselves and makes things worse.

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Being fat was enough justification for people to bully me. Based on my appearance, my bullies portrayed me as someone who daydream about food, who wasn´t and will never be pretty, someone “gross” and, unfortunately, I believe them. Teachers weren´t trained to deal with this or they prefer to ignore it and my classmates didn´t want to get involved so I was on my own. The only persons that were there for me was my mum that always teach me that I am way more than my appearance, that I was strong and that the nonsense they said didn´t worth my time.

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Years past and some bullies stop but, there was one particular boy that wasn´t going to let me go so easily. I was so angry and tired of this that once I take the opportunity to what I consider it was defending myself. He was at the rehearsal of a play and I start to make fun of him in front of everyone till I made him cry. I felt so ashamed about myself because what I did was coward, immature and stupid. It wasn´t worthy. I transform into the kind of people I wasn´t: a bully. At the next day, I apologize to him. Never lower yourself to the level of a bully and transform into someone you aren´t.

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I was lucky because this stop with the time, but there are people that have to suffer this for more time. Now that bullying is recognized as violence don´t stay silent. Bullies are people that didn´t learn a gold rule that is respect others, so we have to make them know that what they are doing is wrong so they stop. For people who suffer bullying you are not alone, there are plenty of people that love you, tell them what happen don´t trap that feeling inside you. You are not what they say you are, you define yourself. You worth, never doubt that.

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Frau Neuer
Frau Neuer