name: Jada Lovegrove

age: 25 years.

fashion, girls, and models image dior, model, and fashion image adriana, Adriana Lima, and 90’s image aesthetic, catwalk, and clothes image
famous for: runway model
blackandwhite, inspiration, and girl image beauty, makeup, and shades image money, saweetie, and icy image Image by Alliyah
appearance: bi-racial with sharp light green eyes. flawless black hair.
enjoy, holiday, and relax image netflix, game, and iphone image Temporarily removed fitness, girls, and popular image
lifestyle: travels often and and parties most nights. when she's not partying, she's at her penthouse in Upper East New York, watching netflix with her ginger kitten, Crookshanks. Works out quite often and tries to live a healthy lifestyle but always ends up stuffing her face with junk food.
jesse rutherford, the neighbourhood, and devon carlson image Harry Styles, meme, and style image ian simpson, kevin abstract, and brockhampton image badass, feminism, and rapper image Image by k Temporarily removed amine image
friends with: Jesse Rutherford & Devon Carter, Harry Styles, Kevin Abstract, Destiny Frasqueri, Kehlani, Hayley Kiyoko, Halsey & Amine
Temporarily removed text, love, and aesthetic image drunk, night out, and Cocktails image fun, amigos, and background image
personality: witty and sarcastic, yet still very nice and welcoming. easy to get along with and hilarious. also really goofy
posty and post malone image dark, october, and theme image
in a relationship with: on and off for a while with Post Malone.
aesthetic, black, and fashion image Temporarily removed makeup, haïr, and glases image fashion, girl, and outfit image
style: varies between high-end designer labels and street-wear, as well as grunge and sometimes vintage.
car, luxury, and black image car, fashion, and girl image luxurious, we heart it, and billionaire image Image removed
cars: has multiple cars she uses on multiple occasions.