Today I don't want to listen music,
Today I don't want to put a smile on my face,
Today I want to cry with my neighbors,

crying the tears that try to wash the blood on their feet.
The blood of their relatives,
the blood of their hearts that have no more life.

Today I want to scream,
asking to everyone why money is more important than life,
why lives are too cheap in this liquid society,
when we all became so selfish.
We only want to shed our own tears,
feeling just our own sadness and
pretending that the other's loss isn't ours also,
but you need to know, you need to know:
It's all lie.

And I’m too tired,
I'm too tired and
I'm walking on blood.

Tears can't wash,
and their money can’t pay,
tears can't take off the pain
of walking on the blood of my siblings.

But they can’t hear
because all are laughing loudly and pretending that everything is ok.
The private party is happening,
and we are outside,
crying together,
walking on
the red floor.