1. Birthday :
June 2nd

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2. Relationship status :

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3. Favourite movie :
well.. I have more than one, I would say, Into the wild, Man on fire and A star is born. Truly can't chose

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4. Idea of a perfect date :
A car, a wood, a night, stars. And maybe music, but mainly conversation.

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5. The last time I cried and why :
When I saw the movie A star is born for the first time, maybe one week ago. I swear I cried from the bottom of my heart during maybe one hour, especially during the song "I'll never love again".. Stupid, isn't it!

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6. Favorite food :
Sushis, of course

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7. Favorite season :
Fall, definitely.

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8. Somewhere I want to visit :
So many places in fact, but in a first time I want to go to Amsterdam, Venice and Canada.

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9. Where I come from :

I'm French, living in South, so I try to speak English as I can (:

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10. Favorite TV shows :
13 reasons why must be in top of my list, with Friends, but I watch a of TV shows in fact so I also love 2 broke girls, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars..

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Well thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy, xx