Hello! Happy Thanksgiving day!
Thanksgiving is not really a thing in my country, but I thought, why not to think about all the things I have been given this year.

Also, have a nice shopping this Black Friday! I know, I will...hehehe

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♥I'm thankful:

→ For the rain

rain, aesthetic, and umbrella image Temporarily removed

→ For the sun

beautiful, bed, and place image Temporarily removed

→ For my family

cafe, coffee, and ootd image Temporarily removed

→ For the music

Image by aline уют image

→ For the fact that I was finally able to cut toxic friendships And for the real friends

Image by LiberaTumblrs beautiful, friendship, and friends image

→ For all the food I have had

food, waffles, and ice cream image Image by X$X

→ For all the parties and nights spent with people I love

glow, dark vogue, and drinks image night, vans, and light image

→ For all the traveling I have had

airplane, pink, and sunset image Dream, galaxy, and paradise image

→ For my accomplishments

Mature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

→ For all the first times

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

→ For all the lessons (oh god, I have gotten a lot!)

quotes, alone, and strong image quotes, life, and lesson image

→ For all the love

Image by Vásquez. love, couple, and kiss image

→ For all the hate (thanks, I appreciate that motivation haters provide me with)

Devil, aesthetic, and purple image lights, boy, and neon image

→ For all the nice things people told me about my articles

Temporarily removed book, coffee, and autumn image

→ For warm weather

Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel summer, sea, and beach image

→ For the fact that I'm alive

fashion, flowers, and style image drink, pink, and food image

→ For my future

lana del rey, national anthem, and ring image girl, female, and future image

→ For all of you guy♥

it, we, and we heart it image

I hope you guys have fun!

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