Hello guys! Today I will be doing this article as a fun way to get to know me a little better. Keep in mind that this is not an original idea, I've seen it before at many users and I thought it would be nice to try it myself, too 💕
Soooo, let's begin

🔹 What is your zodiac sign?
I'm a virgo, I'm a meticulous person, I work hard and I'm very passionate, but I have a tendecy to criticise harsh (I'm working on it! 😣)

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🔹 Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?
Japan. I just find this country so, so mesmerising 🌸

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🔹 Which celebrity do you look up to?
Ian Somerhalder. He's a very talented actor, but he is also involved in many activities for environment protection and animal rescuing 🐾 #supportIanSomerhalderFoundation

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🔹 What's your guilty pleasure?
Sweets and old Disney moviesss 💝

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🔹 Are you a mountain or a sea person?
I am definitely a sea person 🌊

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🔹 Which song always cheers you up?
Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time 🎶 It's old but it pumps me everytime!

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🔹 Is there a fantasy world you would like to live in, if so, which one?
I would LOVE to live in the Harry Potter world, that's my dream since like 2nd grade

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🔹 What's your lucky number?
Probably 8

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🔹 If you could choose one element for bending, what would it be?
My mind tells me water, my heart tells me fire.. 😕

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🔹 What is the one thing you can't live without?
As poetic as it sounds, I can't imagine life without music

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🔹 What's your favorite sad song?
Ron Pope - Drop in the ocean. I swear to God, whenever I hear this song I tear up

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🔹 Which app are you addicted to?
Well, let's not use addicted, but I spend a lot of time on We Heart It, Youtube and Instagram 😇

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🔹 Are you a morning or an evening person?
I'm most certainly not a morning person, and not even an evening person, I'm a night owl 🌙

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🔹 Who's your favorite youtuber?
I watch a looooot of things on Youtube, but my fav is Lilly Singh, aka IISuperWomanII 😂

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🔹 If you could switch your life with someone for one day, who would it be?
Hmm, Beyonce. (go big or go home right)

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🔹 What's your favorite color?
Burgundy 🌹

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🔹 What's a random interest or passion of yours?
I love drawing and painting, mythology, literature

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🔹 Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
“A sunset is the sun’s fiery kiss to the night.”

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🔹 What's your favorite swear word?
I use the word "fuck" so excessively sometimes I forget it's a swear word 😂

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🔹 If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?
Will I find my happiness?

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That's all! Thank you for reading 💕