I'm sharing a room with two girls. One of them is Frankie and the other one is Crystal. I get along with Frankie better. We don't like Crystal that much.

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Oona has been texting me, but I'm not responding to her texts. I don't care about my "family". Once I left that house, I left my attachments with them behind too. Frankie is my best friend now. I'm sure they'll catch the hint sooner or later. Mom favored Oona over me anyway. Rosie only dealt with me because she felt she had to. I never liked Callie or Astrid. Uncle Alec was cool, but I don't like Aunt Audrey. I heard about Aunt Katherine, but never met her. Aunt Malena I don't like either. There are not many people that I like.

There are so many parties here. Frankie and I are going to one tonight. Hopefully I can hook up with at least two boys.