I had mentioned in my last post that there have been times when people have told me that my style wasn't made for me. I'm a light skinned black girl with brown/amber eyes. 5'5 and has always been attracted to the weirder and darker things in life. To me these things have always been normal.

Just like my style, yes I love the darker thing sin life and my style reflects that. Look through the board called My Style and you'll see.

I spent years and years trying to impress the people around me and keep my mom happy but with this came torment. It really hurts to be something your not. For me fashion is everything and to dress a way that doesn't please my taste hurts like hell. I was in 5th grade when I first started to realize what style I wanted to call my own. Goth. in 6th grade this turned into pastel goth but both years I continued to dress like all of my friends because that's how they dressed and I didn't want them to disown me. 7th grade it didn't think much of it because I had other things to worry about. 8th grade I got new friends who showed me the emo life and I loved it.

My middle school had dress code so the best I could do was wear an all black uniform and chokers. This to me was fine. 9th grade I went to a school that didn't have a strict dress code so I started to wear whatever I wanted. this consisted of me trying to prove to everyone that I wasn't emo. so wearing basic yet low key emo things was my life.

10th grade I went into an art hoe phase. I don't even know why but the end of 10th grade I went into all black and goth. Now in 11th grade I wear more Harajuku, goth, grunge, and street style.

Now I know your probably thinking how all that has nothing ti do with the title but it does. Each time I changed my style it was because I was afraid of being different to I followed the trends even if I didn't like them that much. Now the trend is to be a big ti**y goth girlfriend. which has great memes but the people who used to make fun of things of this such are dressing this way because its a trend.

Also listening to lil peep, wearing fishnets and tattoo chokers and being hashtag sad doesn't make you goth Don't get me wrong I love lil peep but stop.

Stop following trends because that's what everyone is doing. Follow them because you like them or even follow them but make it your own. Also make things your own and stay true to yourself.