This piece of writing, as the title says, is about my favorite ships from the Harry Potter series. Some of the ships sailed, some didn't but that's okay I still love them.

- Ron & Hermione -
how could i not love them?! even though they argued throughout the series i saw the chemistry between them. i always thought they acted like an old married couple when they fought. to be honest i never expected them to be together, but I was shipping them from the very first book. They are honestly the real life example of the phrase "Opposites attract" .

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- Draco & Hermione -
this one didn't come true i'm not that sad because ron and hermione are <3 but i imagined this happening and kinda liked the idea of the two of them being together. I also read some fanfics about Dramione btw i recommend you ISOLATION by bex-chan you'll never be the same after reading it i swear and I enjoyed the way they were portrayed. I mean just think about it.. Draco hates muggles but can't help falling in love with one, and he becomes a blood traitor for his love. Also, Hermione falling in love with the "enemy" in an attempt to make him change his ways. You can't tell me this doesn't sound good.

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- Harry & Ginny -
you can't appreciate the depth of this relationship unless you read the books sorry not sorry the movie don't show the chemistry these 2 had. Harry being a strong character, met his match in Ginny, she was equally strong. She understood him in ways nobody else had. She didn't complain when he had to live in his mission, she was there for him and he had her in his mind, even when he was in danger.

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- James & Lily -
ahhh even though this isn't a major couple in the series and jk rowling doesn't give us much information about them i fell in love with this pairing again because of the fanfics . they loathed each other but ended up loving each other. they were pretty different but they had amazing chemistry. i don't know everything about this couple seems intense, but also loosened up, relaxed. They seemed like the happiest couple well until you know what happened

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- Molly & Arthur -
honestly the two of them were absolutely adorable. they were like the typical married couple where the wife nags the husband and the husband listens to her obediently. They always looked out for each other and for the family, their bond was really powerful.

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- Bill & Fleur -
oh boy this came as a huge surprise to me when i read the books. at first i didn't really get it.. but at the end of HP 6 when she came to Bill's hospital bed I began to love them. she obviously loved him a lot, she stood by him through everything... and he changed her, he made her a better person by loving her unconditionally.

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