Oh, the first love...
the first love of a girl is not beautiful, nor romantic and dreamy. The first love of a girl is complicated, messy and to say the least, not her soulmate (if you even believe in them).
What girls first love is unexpected, and I say that because your first love will not be that guy from your class that is kinda cute. He is going to be that guy that you never imagined you, in your whole existence, could ever fall in love with.
But yeah, after a few weeks you will see the good in him and be sure that you like that guy. Oh and please, wait to tell your friends, even your closest friends, they will probably not understand why you like him and will laugh at your back.
So after a few weeks, or months, you decide, you are going to find the courage and confidence, not even you knew you had and talked to him. Not like “Oh hey can you help me on that math problem?” no. You’re going to really talk to him, try to be friends with him (if you’re not already of course). Please don’t do like I did, don’t tell him out of nowhere that you like him if you barely talked to him.
After you and the guy have talked and are friends, you can start showing some signs that you like him.
And lastly if you’re going to tell him that you like him first: make sure that what you’re feeling is the real deal; second: don’t do that through text nor in front of friends, go to somewhere private and quiet, that neither of you can be interrupted or distracted.

And if you did all that and he says he likes you but not in the same way as you do, well his loss. The same thing happened to me, and I can assure you this feeling is not permanent. Sure you’re going to feel like shit for a couple of days, even a few weeks, but after that, you’re going to be okay. You may feel like you will never fall in love again, but you will, at the right time.
Remember is not your fault he’s a childish guy who cannot see the amazing girl you are.

If you need to talk, or even just curse him a little (or a lot) you can talk to me. I'm always here! :)