Online Dating History

Before starting with the online dating tips for men, I'll give you a brief history of online dating.

At first, the concept of online dating wasn't that much popular among people. But with the internet has changed many things with that it has now a bigger impact on the dating industry worldwide.

Online dating is pretty simple when you compare it with the traditional one. Even when you wanna break up with your partner you may need to go to a dinner or elsewhere to tell her but in online dating, you can break up with your match just with a text.

You can chat with your perfect match in the comfort of your sofa or bed rather than going out somewhere.

Whether you are looking for the chance to meet your better half, or maybe looking for something casual relationships, as the high divorce rate & a good number of people staying single the future of online dating is bright.

Dating online has many good advantages & disadvantages which I'll
discuss later in this article.

Let's get started with the tips on how to find your perfect match online...

6 Best Dating Tips for Geeks

1. Join Only Genuine Dating Sites

There are numerous fake & low-quality online dating sites & apps available whose primary job is to cheat people of their money so be careful.

  • OkCupid
  • POF
  • Happn
  • eHarmoney
  • badoo

In one of my blog post I've shared the "List of best online dating apps in India", you can also refer to this article ( if you want.
Do your own research first & settle for at least for sites for maximum exposure.

2. Create Interesting Profile

This is the most important thing to create an interesting dating profile which can grab eyeball. Yes, you need to be creative here as much as you can.
Perform a simple google search & look what other people are doing replicate them in your own style.

Be honest about your hobbies, interest, likes & dislikes because it makes it easier for people of similar interests to connect with you.

3. Share Photographs

It is a positive gesture to share your own photos because everyone is interested in your face. That's a fact.

So try to give your own picture as your displaying photo. You can also share some pics of your holidays, pets etc.

4. A Pro-Active Approach

If it's a match don't wait for her to message you first, most of the women out there will not text you first.

So try not to waste the opportunity by thinking who should message first. If ignored for long she might lose interest in you.

I know it's hard for introverts & geeks to do something like that but there's no other option bro. Give it a try.

Don't know how to start a conversation? Start by complimenting her pics, profile or anything that you found it interesting.

Please don't start with a typical "Hi". /\

5. Do not get too personal

Always be careful about your feelings, don't get too personal with your online dating partner. This can have an adverse effect on you & your growing relationship.

6. Meet Up

When you think that you're zealing well with your online match and want to take a step further then arrange a meetup somewhere you both will be comfortable maybe a cafe.

Best of luck guys.