Hey people! This article is all about how you can be happier and satisfied with yourself, how you can express happiness and gratitude. I think it’s important to know that you are going to have to work for you to get to a place where you are satisfied and remember, slow progress is still progress. Oh dude, this one’s gonna be great.

Organize your space ||

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I always believed that a clean space equals a clean mind, but I have to be honest, my place isn’t always neat and clear. And when those times come, I’m just more stressed out because of all the clutter.
Maybe develop a system of where things go, and have some days where you reorganize them.

Develop a routine for self-cleanliness ||

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Get manicures, put products in your hair, exfoliate! Trust me, the smallest bit of effort helps and sometimes I know, you just don’t feel like it, but it does help.

Dress nicely ||

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The one on the right is actually me lmao

Even if there’s no occasion, dress nicely! Show off your style and your personality through clothes. When you look good, your confidence just goes up and you feel good.

Learn some new skills or maybe improve ||

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Skills like cooking so you can cook for yourself and others. Yoga for some fitness, I actually do yoga and I love it honestly, just give it a try. This is to keep yourself occupied and to keep your brain learning new things!

Spend some time with friends ||

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A mistake that I made before was that I kept to myself a lot. Catch up with some people in person, have lunch, stay in a coffee shop, go on a walk, anything.
I’m actually a really shy person so don’t use that as an excuse, always keeping to yourself is so toxic, I ended up crying most of the time when I felt bad because I had no one to talk to, seek people, the right people who will treat you how you should be treated, but also be nice to everyone.
(Hey lmao, if you want to discuss this more, feel free to shoot me a message.)

If you have something nice in mind, say it ||

This could make someone’s day. And when I make others smile, I just become happy!


Hey there! Thank you so much for reading!

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