Name : Valeri Price
Age : 18
Appearance :

hair, blonde, and aesthetic image plaid, clothes, and outfit image converse, fashion, and black image aesthetics, grunge, and retro image

Personality :

Mature image headers, the walking dead, and twd image quotes, family, and fight image book and journal image black and white, aesthetic, and music image quotes, aesthetic, and black image
Badass, smart, protector

Best friends :

dean winchester, season 13, and sam winchester image dean winchester, the winchesters, and sam winchester image
Dean and Sam
blue, feather, and wings image header, misha collins, and supernatural image
supernatural, jack kline, and alexander calvert image eye, eyes, and gold image
quote and girls can be heroes too image claire novak and supernatural image
Felicia Day, supernatural, and charlie bradbury image quotes, text, and aesthetic image

Favorite weapon :

Abusive image angelic, gold, and crossbow image