1) Let Yourself Feel It
Everyone feels loss differently, never let anyone tell you your emotions are invalid. You're allowed to feel down about this, but in the back of your head you always need to remember that you're going to make it through. The first step in any loss is to process your emotions, or START processing these feelings.

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2) Listen To Music

You can start off with slow, sad songs (like I said, you need to let yourself feel it in order to process the emotions) but eventually you should amp it up a little and turn on the music that makes your soul happy

This is a lil' playlist I whipped up - Check her out

3) Sleep
We all need sleep.

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4) Spend Time With Friends + Family
You may feel the urge to isolate yourself, and while that might be necessary for a tiny bit, secluding yourself for long periods of time can be dangerous to your health! Hit up all your homies and do anything and everything (that you feel comfy with!)

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5) Love On Some Animals
The undying love of animals can be found nowhere else. Spend time with your animals, your friends or parents animals, or you could even go to your local animals shelter and volunteer if you don't have any access to pets!

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6) Feed Yourself // Indulge Your Cravings
Literally anything you want, get it. Trust me, just do it.

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7) Redecorate Your Room

You can start off slow if you're not in the mood, move a chair or poster. Make little changes, clean up your room if you can. Having a new energy in a space can cleanse and heal you as well. Open up the windows and let some light in, light a good candle, blast some music and get to work.

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8) Love Yourself

This is an obvious step, but sometimes the hardest one. Don't be ashamed to call on your friends for help on this.

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9) Feel The Sunlight - Anyway You Can

Get out of the house for a little bit. Go grab coffee, go for a short hike, your favorite park bench, whatever suits your needs.

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10) Take Up A New Hobby

This can be anything. You mainly need this as a distraction, and for personal growth. Try doing the thing that you've always wanted to do. No better time than the present.

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11) Start Noticing The Little Things

This is my personal methodology to multiple things, controlling my anxiety, sudden waves of sadness, and bringing me out of deep holes. Just stop and look around, see all the little things everyone usually misses, and feel them.

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12) Cleanse

Everyone has personal preferences for cleansing, do you boo.

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13) Change Your Perspective
There's always worse.

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