What if I had chosen Carolin?
I would definetly have more friends
To speak to and have more helping hands.
I would probably have a boyfriend
With him I'll explore another land.
I wouldn't have that good grades in school
But I think I would not be a fool.
I wouldn't think of the militair
If asked what future is in the air.
This all would happen
If I had chosen Carolin.

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What if I had chosen Jennifer?
I would do Karate as my sport
And also have a polish passport.
I would run to the phone if it rings
So that it seems like I have some wings.
I wouldn't be this popular girl
With amazing hair full of some curl.
I wouldn't be that oopen-minded
but homophobics should be hided.
This all would happen
If I had chosen Jennifer.

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What if I had chosen both those days?
I would have a grat time with them
And find real quick a fitting item.
I would feel the love from all my friends
Also recieve the love my boyfriend sends.
I wouldn't still see them as my gang
The way I see my friends when we hang.
I wouldn't have my center of life
In going deep to memories and dive.
This all would happen
If I had chosen both.

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