1 ♥ don't compare yourself to others

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Everybody has a different point of view and it can't be wrong or right. Never let go of your dreams because of their thoughts.

2 ♥ you can do whatever you want

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Don't limit your limitless. You don't have to make a selection amoung your interests. If you believe yourself, you can do it.

3 ♥ be patient

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The important thing is running lean and mean, not work hard. Only confident steps lead you to success. So don't worry about your dreams, just take your time for that.

4 ♥ don't be afraid of making mistake

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''Sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly.''

5 ♥ lastly, don't forget that...

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Have fun, whatever happened. Life is too short to care for every situation. Only people who support you can give you strength. Don't hesitate to take others out of your life.