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Ariana Grande - Fave song is 'Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart'
halsey image
Halsey - Fave song is 'Without Me'
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Billie Eilish - Fave song is 'when the party's over'
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Olivia O'brien - Fave song is 'No Love'
madison beer, beauty, and makeup image
Madison Beer - Fave song is 'Heartless'
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King Princess - Fave song is 'Talia'
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Harry Styles - Fave song is 'Kiwi'
shawn mendes theme and shawn mendes icons image
Shawn Mendes - Fave song is 'Like To Be You'
5sos, michael clifford, and calum hood image
5 Seconds of Summer - Fave song is 'Amnesia'
1d, niall horan, and one direction image
Niall Horan - Fave song is 'On The Loose'

there are many more artists but this is it for now, I know that they are all pretty basic singers but i enjoy their music.

Let me know if you think i should make a part 2