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Today's article will be about fashion trends that never die or with other words, basic but essential fashion items everyone needs to own. I normally don't write a lot fashion articles, so I hope you'll enjoy!

Now, lets get started.

☆ | all stars

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The white or black Converse All Stars are the basic and comfy shoes everyone needs in their closet. You can style them with any blue denim jeans (autumn/winter) or short (spring/summer) and even a nice, flower dress will fit!

☆ | jeans jacket

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This is definitely the kind of basic that's easy to style, because you honestly can't do much wrong with it! Plus, you can turn this basic fashion item into something more original by for example buying a black one, one for in winter or one with an extra colour touch.

☆ | black handbag

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Due to the black colour of this little handbag, it's yet again something you can style with almost everything. This item is essential as it's perfect for a lot of events: just a chill shopping day, a night-out or a discover-the-city day.

☆ | big earrings

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Golden or silver circle earrings is the fine detail that can make an outfit ten times better. It's the fashion item you can use on a day you don't have much inspiration for what to wear.

☆ | white shirt or blouse

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Whatever style you like wearing (vintage, chic, casual, tomboy, rock or preppy) this is a must-have!

☆ | graphic t-shirt

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The essential item for a laid-back, cozy or chill day. It's extremely comfy to wear and is a perfect match with a basic denim blue, black or grey jeans.

☆ | light brown or beige sweater

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You can honestly find this fashion item in every store and every style you prefer. I'd say, keep yourself warm in autumn and winter!

☆ | see-through umbrella

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Yes, even an umbrella is an essential fashion item. The see-through umbrella can be easily styled and has a rather chic outcome. If you don't know what to put on your Christmas or Secret Santa list, here's your first idea already!

☆ | bralette

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This fashionable item is so sexy and comfy at the same time! You can wear it under almost any shirt, blouse or t-shirt. Plus, you can find it in many colours and styles, so you can just choose what you prefer the most.

☆ | set of necklaces

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This trend of combining multiple golden necklaces is timeless! You can wear it on a basic or chic outfit, whatever fits you best. It's an extra fashion touch that's always beautiful to finish your own style with.

☆ | the end

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