a: animal

dolphin image Temporarily removed quotes and determined image lion, animal, and wild image
dolphin and lion

b: beautiful is...

winter, snow, and christmas image Image removed moon, night, and sky image Temporarily removed girl, beautiful, and orange image pool, sunset, and aesthetic image art, kiss, and lesbian image Temporarily removed
cities under light snow and sparkling lights; charming european places, the moon and starry sky, cities at night and chinese lanterns, a girl who smiles and laughs, mediterranean sunsets, art & free love, melodies

c: colour

pink, pastel, and aesthetic image background, beautiful, and beauty image background, beautiful, and beauty image Temporarily removed background, wallpaper, and sparkle image Temporarily removed
soft pinks, cream, gold, and sparkles

d: disney movie

beauty, beauty and the beast, and belle image
Temporarily removed
beauty & the beast

e: everyday starts with...

coffee, cup, and gif image
coffee; i need to wake up

f: flower

background, color, and colorful image aesthetic image sky, yellow, and clouds image rose, flowers, and red image
red and yellow roses

g: greatest passion

anatomy, book, and medicine image biology, system, and lymphatic image Abusive image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed bored, german, and girls image
studying; learning languages; biopsychology; clinical psychology; human motivation & emotion; physiology and endocrinology

h: happy when...

Temporarily removed love, couple, and goals image city, sunset, and sky image city, girl, and night image sunset, sky, and pink image amizade, beauty, and blonde image
... I feel pretty; travel; explore new cities and walk around at night in big cities, am where the palm trees are; walk along rivers in cities/along the beach; am with my friends, summer nights

i: interests

Image removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, dark, and korea image Temporarily removed
music, dance, playing music, abnormal psychology/psychopathology

j: job of my dreams

beautiful, books, and boy image art, museum, and kids image Image removed Image by ♡
an elementary teacher in a Spanish school; being involved in educating children in third world countries or in orphanages (i.e. Romania); I hope to heal children in their hearts, minds, and spirit; I hope to teach children to believe in fairytales and happy endings and in dreams coming true; I hope to inspire children that life circumstances can get better and that regardless of current situations they can make a difference in this world and be successful.

k: kids

Angelina Jolie, brad pitt, and family image
I want to adopt

l: listens to

Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed belive, majesty, and never give up image
my heart

m: makes me mad...

Image by MahraaldIbm gay, homophobia, and lesbian image quotes, boy, and gay image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed depression, quotes, and chemistry image Abusive image Temporarily removed
It really angers me how some people can be so ignorant to difference. It gets me incredibly upset that some people are so absorbed by other peoples' love lives when the world has so many other problems like terrorism and violence, inequality and poverty. The fact that bullying still happens and that many times people are so unbelievably judgemental, that all angers me as well. It's called kindness. It costs nothing but a smile on someone's face and a warmed heart. In addition, it extremely angers me that stigma against mental illness still exists; that people in this world still can't grasp the fact that the brain is an organ just like any other organ in our body and is therefore susceptible and able to get sick. Mental illnesses are real illness, problems of neurochemistry NOT character. Eating disorders are not developed out of vain and/or for attention; depression is not a character trait nor is it something that anyone should judge. The world needs more empathy above anything else.

n: no to...

school, depressed, and depression image
being unaware and or ignorant to what someone else may be going through, especially children. I say no to judgement, ridicule, bullying, put-downs, body shaming, and abuse of any kind. I say no to turning a blind cheek when you could in fact help somebody.

o: one wish

quote image anorexia, eat, and food image quotes and pink image butterfly, quotes, and beautiful image
to be beautiful; to not be plagued by an eating disorder; to be a normal person when it comes to something as basic as eating; to live without this hate of my appearance; to be able to take pictures carefree and be happy with what I see

p: personality

Temporarily removed quotes and motivation image Temporarily removed quotes, adventure, and yes image Temporarily removed feelings, fire, and heart image
brave; adventurous; believes in myself; determined; kind; doesn't like to be told what to do/will prove people wrong, young at heart, selfish, perfectionist

q: questions I'm always asked

"why did you leave Canada?"
quotes, start, and fresh image Dream, dreamer, and handwriting image wanderlust, word, and fernweh image Temporarily removed
"how old are you?"
bts image Temporarily removed

r: reasons to smile

Temporarily removed study, coffee, and laptop image Temporarily removed Image removed
new music, learning more knowledge, friends, fun adventures

s: song right now; theme song

Image removed quotes and words image brush, chic, and feeling image couple, couples, and happy image
Lovers by Anna of the North
in my blood, shawn mendes, and beautiful image shawn mendes, flowers, and wallpaper image background, flowers, and grey image Image removed
In My Blood by Shawn Mendes

t: tv show

aesthetic, character, and edit image
The Vampire Diaries

u: underwater creature

Image by aa dress and mermaid image pearls, shell, and mermaid image hair, purple, and hairstyle image
mermaid because yes they exist ;)

v: vacation spot

Barcelona, beautiful, and blue image Barcelona, travel, and spain image Temporarily removed Barcelona, beach, and palm image

w: worst habit

cafe, coffee, and cup image Temporarily removed
i care too much image Image removed
playing with my hair; falling in love too easily; caring too much about people

x: xo dream lover

"I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams."
"I need you like a heart needs a beat."
"I will love you until the stars go out, and the tides no longer turn."
couple, love, and dance image couple, love, and romance image
*someone who's not afraid to run with me and my crazy ideas; someone who understands me better than I do myself: someone who always keeps me laughing and who adores me completely; courageous and good hearted"

y: yes to...

alternative, amazing, and art image mirror, style, and gold image book and vintage image letters, vintage, and indie image
shopping/fashion; coffee; reading; writing how you feel

z: zodiac sign

aesthetic, blue, and december image
a stubborn, determined, doesn't ever forget capricorn * laughs *