Hello folks,it's me once again to bring you some really good shows that might not actually be that good thus stating that my taste is very weird.

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For your convenience (and mine) I have categorized theshows according to genre. You're very much welcome.

1. Comedy

  • Brooklyn nine-nine.

A show about cops are their very awkward, hilarious and cringy interactions with themselves and others around them. It includes a dust of romance, completely original characters and great morals that will make you question why life is so complicated and not like this show that was created by actual eight year olds :)

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the crew and an actual scene from the show
  • Last man standing

A show much like modern family but it got cancelled by ABC but then got bought by fox and the next season has just come out because it was that good. A lovely sitcom about a man who wants to revel in his manliness but cannot due to the fact that he has 3 daughters. The show is dashed with a heavy dose of the comedy goodness.

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2. Supernatural

  • Supernatural

Of course I had to add this one inside because I think the name says it all. For the small minority of people who do not know this show. It's basically about two brothers, a giant moose and a witty demon, who are hunters (people who hunt supernatural things and save people; the family business) that break the fourth and probably the fifth (I haven't been keeping count) wall while giving jumpscares and a dash of humor to tie the entire show together. It has lasted a whopping ten seasons of me crying my eyes out, laughing or both at two in the morning.

don't check this collection out unless you want some MAJOR spoilers
  • Kyle XY

This show is pretty old but still gold and still very watchable. The show ran from 2006-2009. The shows is basically about this boy who is found in the forest with no recollection of who he is or anything for that matter (oh and he's naked and hot). Seeing that he needs help he stays in a foster home with his psychologist (her teenagers very unhappy about it) and he tries to figure out who the heck he is.

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like damn look how hot he is
  • The Originals

A show about a VERY complicated family (some dead, some undead) and how it leads up to them taking care of a hybrid baby. I think this show is very popular and doesn't really need much in-a-nutshelling

3. Animations

  • Big mouth

A show about teenagers going through puberty that is totally not awkward and one which you can even watch with your mum :). Along with cringy moments (so cringy you just have to get up a taken a moment) and humorous scenes it also takes a shot at the emotions teenagers go through, including very dark themes that are cleverly hidden, making is very relatable. A fresh perspective on puberty.

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  • Rick and Morty

I don't think there is much explanation needed here because this is a very popular show but in short a crazy scientist and his grandson do stupid shit.

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  • Steven Universe

A personal favorite of mine because it has an awesome soundtrack, a pretty solid plot, HECTIC plot twits and delves deep into controversial topics that are cleverly hidden once again. A very light-hearted show that is totally different from those other two. It's like those are two deranged cousins nobody knew about. Anyway the show is about Steven (a child amongst children) who has a gem on his belly button and uses it to save the world with aliens who also have gems in various parts of the body and are widely known as the crystal gems.

  • Gravity falls

A very weird show about two children who spend their summer at their uncle's place, who is a complete badass disguised as a loser who also happens to be a lunatic, and discovers a magic book that uncovers secrets to practically every scary or weird thing you could, or could not, think of. Honestly I feel like this should go in the supernatural category because this show is creepy but it also belongs here due to its fluffy-ness.

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  • Tales of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir

This is a diamond among fooney gems. A three-leafed clover among four-leafed. Basically it's really good. And no you do not waste your time watching completely useless episodes just to see the development in the protagonists that are in a love square with themselves. Also the cool fanart. Okay but on a serious note; the story is about these two kids living in France that get these powers and stop (help) people from helping the evil Hawkmoth from being a complete douchebag and destroying France.


4. Some random category idk

  • Cloak and Dagger

This is a show that enters the world of two superheros (from marvel). One controls light and the other controls darkness and the best part is that their powers bought depend on eachother but whenever they are together they are repelled by the same powers. The show is very compelling and keeps you hooked. It also tackles topics like drug abuse, depression, racism (especially in the police force) and other dark themes.

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the protagonists ( look at how he looks at her uwu)
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  • Devious maids

A show about a bunch of latina maids working together to solve a murder. When you have the right amount of drama, romance, mystery, comedy, sassy women and one heck of a plot and then you get a show that gets cancelled :)
(not bitter)

  • Girlboss

A show about a independent woman who might have some commitment issues and is very impulsive, slightly selfish and starts her own fashion company. This show is actually somewhat of a prequel to how she become very successful. I haven't fully finished watching the show yet but it's very entertaining and I suggest everyone should watch it.

  • The end of the f**king world

This is a very creepy show about a girl and boy who run away. The creepy part is that they are dating. Oh, and the guy wants to kill her.

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