Heyy everyone!!
This is list of 10 best TV series for teenagers (in my oponion)

10. AWKWARD. - 5 seasons (2011-2016)

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"Awkward." is about Jenna, normal girl who gain popularity after "suicide attempt"

9. FINDING CARTER - 2 seasons (2014-2015)

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TV serie about girl who found out that woman who had bringed her up isn't her real mother. Carter has to start new life with new family

8. THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD - 2 seasons (2017-)

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TV serie with lots of black humor; about James - psychopath and Alyssa - rebel, who decide to leave their families

7. SKINS - 7 seasons (2007-2013)

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It's shocking story about growing up British teenagers

6. FAKING IT - 3 seasons (2014-2016)

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Two best friends - Amy and Karma decide to pretend lesbians to be more popular. But it's not easy to just faking love

5. ELITE - 3 seasons (2018-)
*officially: it will be next season

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It's Spanish series about students of very prestigious school. Their life's changing when three new students comes to the school

4. RIVERDALE - 4 seasons (2017-)
*officially: it will be next season

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"Riverdale" is combination of story about teenagers with crime story; a lot of plot twists and conspiracy

3. 13 REASONS WHY - 4 seasons (2017-)

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Really moving and important series about reasons of Hannah Baker's suicide. It tells about teenagers' problems and shows how our behaviour can affect on someone's life

2. SKAM - 4 seasons (2015-2017)

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It shows everyday life of teenagers from Oslo, but "Skam" take up serious problems like: love, religion, homosexualism, addiction... I love that every season is about different character

1. STRANGER THINGS - 3 seasons (2016-)
*officially: it will be next season

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It's one of the best series I've ever seen. "Stranger Things" is difficult to describe, I think everyone should watch it. It's combination of horror and science-fiction but there's a lot about friendship, love...

sorry if my English is not perfect, it's my first article and I hope you'll enjoy it ;)