To me November is pretty much the most depressing month of the year. It's cold outside, leaves have already fallen and bare trees make everything look gloomy. The most difficult part for me is darkness. The sun rises at 8.30 am and sets before 4 pm. Often we are at school/work that time so not much time to enjoy sunlight. The only uplifting thing is waiting for Christmas, but it's too early to be over excited about that.

So, how do we survive this November?

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A healthy lifestyle is a must for endurance. In the summer, it's ok to not eat the healthiest and not get enough sleep. But now, good nutrition, exercising and sleep are a really important. I have to eat regularly and healthy and drink enough water to get enough energy. I also have to move my body on a daily basis. I try to exercise 5-6 times a week. Or if I don't feel like doing a workout I usually just go out for a walk. Lastly I try to sleep eight hours every night.

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Being social and hanging out with friends is also super important for my well being. So even if my introvert self would like to stay at home and watch Netflix under many blankets, I still try to meet up with my friends often. Seeing them always makes me happier than watching a tv show or a movie alone.

I also spend time with my boyfriend anytime I feel a bit more down. He usually manages to cheer me up. Also cuddling is a good way to spend cold November Sunday. And even if you weren't in a relationships you could cuddle your pet or share hugs with your friends.

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I think sex also gives a lot of energy and at the same time relaxes us and makes us feel better. Not just during but also afterward. And by sex I mean any kind of action that gives pleasure regardless if that means sex with your partner or solo act.

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It is important to take care of yourself and do things you really like especially when you feel like you have zero energy. Pamper days can really make a difference. They help you to relax and you will feel recharged after. Also yoga and meditation are great for the mind because they can help you to recognise your thoughts and feelings.

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Remember that you are allowed to feel unmotivated time to time. Nothing lasts forever, so take a good care of yourself and it will be Christmas sooner than you'll know. Good luck, and thanks for reading!