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today I felt like starting to come up with an article about how diverse learning actually is since many students associate learning/studying with memorizing dry formels for tedious subjects which are only kept in the short-term memory of our brain, meaning after our exams we'll forget about Pythagoras or the Periodic Table of Elements and yet it's pretty much more than plain learning by heart and consists in practically every part of our lives. In german we use the verb lernen for both cases: for studying and learning so especially us students are always complaining about studying for a test and clearly forget to remind ourselves about the good side of learning.

I've collected few topics regarding the differentiation and effects of learning by:

being creative

Listening to calm instrumental songs are one way to stimulate your brain while doing your homework, but writing, reading and drawing also do contribute to learning when it comes to sensuality. Studies show that students who doodle random figures in their notebook during class aren't not paying attention; on the contrary it has been shown that in regularly cases students are more functional and active while being so, because it relieves some kind of stress - even if it means you are doing some pikachu sketches on a piece of paper.

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acquiring a language

What I am meaning to say is in our childhood we internalize a language subconsciously without effort, kept in the long-term memory which you can recall anytime even when you're an adult. But one should know that in case of living in a different country where no one speaks your native language, we sometimes do miss out main rules for such like grammar, tense, time etc. so just start improving your skills to express yourself better and more confidently when talking to relatives e.g.
For me especially since getting older I started to prioritise the roots where my parents come from, being in contact with their culture even more than before, comprehend the history of their widespread custom and questioning other significant phrases I probably never understood as a child.

getting into new languages

Learning korean has been a childhood dream for me to learn the diversity of this language so basically since I have been into dramas for a specific time the urge to develop my skills got bigger the more words, lines and gestures I managed to pick up by actors and actresses from shows and movies. My interest towards South Korea's culture left also an impact on me as there would be an invisible ribbon between me on the other side of the world and to the s(e)oul of Asia (that classic pun is always mesmerising). Learning forces you to make conscious efforts and so we go on with the next one.

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learning something new about your anatomy, mind and soul

I think learning in general is the best way to nurture your brain, so be educated during school time and also study in your leisure to inform yourself about topics that immediately catch up your interest like books, fashion or technology related themes and so on. Otherwise you might end up feeding your brain fear, anxiety and more pressure; just don't irritate yourself with phrases like "I'm not really the brightest crayon anyway" because learning doesn't have anything to do with your IQ level there are multiple intelligences like linguistics, music, spaitial, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist. For me I enjoy watching documentations on YouTube about peoples lives, anything related to women rights, morality, society, personal evolution and appealing speeches for such I prefer the TED Video's which are also available in other languages. Rather than acting impetuous, sorrowful, unsettled and reckless be curious, asserting, commited, benevolent and contagious in your knowledge.
There was a time when matters like nutrition, being vegetarian and living in a healthier way caught my attention and I soon realised why I never had the chance to concentrate on the more important things regarding health; back then the tired me who was busy with school and her part-time job slowly couldn't handle any emotional situation which literally backfired at me. I know in life we all sometimes come to the point when we function on autopilot without having control over our brain we just work like robots, BUT THAT'S ENOUGH! There should always be some spare time for you, meditation or just having a talk with yourself. Believe me or not it makes you feel more refreshed, energetic and motivated afterwards. So stop ignoring your body when it gives you signals for instance being hungry, hurt or just tired - you'd casually just ignore.

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feeling connected to god.

Personally it took me a while to follow this path but it makes me feel strong to believe in an almighty especially when I have to go through dark times where I even forget to drink my cup of tea. Don't refuse to quit when you can't feel the spiritual awareness just hang in there until you'll feel less weak than before, because this is also a process of learning - having patience, hope and trust in your environment.

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spending time with a friend

This includes to call, just casually meet up to talk or go for a walk with them at a park e.g because seeing your friends, learning what's going on in their lives is also a way how we learn - pouring empathy, compassion and time in their soul or vice versa. Also meanwhile being out, breathing in the fresh, cold air into your lungs feels great as well. What I recently did was hanging out at an old friends apartment with some Harry Potter, snacks/sweets ㅠ.ㅠ and mint tea which partly felt like a real sleepover night but however go out of your comfort zone for once to challenge your trembling heart and maybe you'll find new interesting (or weird) things about your close ones or befriend with strangers to break prejudices.

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feeling more organized

Imagine having lots of assignments just waiting for you, but there is no space to learn (and although your bed might be a preferable place to learn you should rather sit at a desk to improve your concentration instead of slowly falling asleep there). You can manage to become a more planning person when you start having an eye for tidiness, responsibility and determination.
It's a great accomplishment when your desk is finally clean instead full of unnecessary spread utensils that have nothing in common with your work. There is this quote which made me realise how it can differentiate sitting in front of a messy desk and a tidy one. So discipline equals freedom!

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in a less OCD way lol
What you learn by heart has a chance to survive - unknown
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