i've had some tough times.
i'm comfortable talking about them because i know it is helpful to others to know that you're not alone in this world feeling like shit.

i've already thought about ending it all because sometimes, life seems tasteless.

i'm truly thankful i did not end it all.

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i know how it feels to :

.feel like you're lost & have no future.
.don't find your place on earth because you feel like a tiny bit of dust in this big world.
.be sad all the time.
.can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

if you feel like that, i'm deeply sorry for you and send you all my love & support!
please if you're not good, gather all your courage and ask for help <3

i can't give you the secret recipe for happiness because i haven't found it neither :(
and i don't know how i became happy again.

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i think i can say it got better with time.
time helped me get better.
i am not happy all the time but i am better.

you'll need to accept that you won't be happy all of the sudden, just like that.
it will come slowly, each day better, with some highs & lows.
but it will get better.

you have to trust yourself on that.
even if it seems it will be hard (maybe it will, who knows), but if you have some will, you're strong enough to get better !
i can promise you that.

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so, trust time.
have faith that you'll be happy again.
maybe not now, but soon.
and if you're happy, enjoy this moment & work to keep this happiness.

if i can give you some advices :
  • surround yourself w/ positivity.
  • try to read/ watch things empowering & encouraging, not sad.
  • be a little selfish. think about yourself first for a bit.
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  • talk about it. i know it's really hard but it truly is helpful.
  • don't blame yourself. it is not your fault.
  • keep hope it will be better soon !

take care, love you <3

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