Hello everyone! So recently I had some trouble in my life, but on a mental level. I started to have some anxiety issues, I have some trouble falling asleep, and worst of all, I started to doubt in myself and in my abilities. So I started to feel bad, but now I feel like I'm okay again and if you're in trouble, or just want to know what to do when you don't feel okay with yourself, I reccomend you to keep reading.

➳ I Descovered the Power of Guided Meditation

I started to meditate just one week ago but I just feel so much better. I meditate before going to bed (or in bed before sleep) and it helped me so much, I fall asleep without trouble. I can't meditate without a guide so I use the Calm app, even if they have just one week of free meditation, but i keep restarting the same.
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➳ I Printed some Motivational Photos and put them in my Bedroom

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They can help, if you belive in them

➳ I Convinced Myself that I can Do This

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That was the thought one

➳ I Took care of Myself

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Remember to treat yourself

➳ I made a List with all the Good things I have in my Life

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This one is REALLY helpful

➳ I Eat Regularly

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This one could be strange for someone, but in the last month I skipped so many meals

➳ I Started to Workout Again

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And I also do some yoga
And that's it guys! This is basically how I putted my life together in the last few days. If you are going into some trouble just text me, I am always happy to help others, that's another thing that makes me feel better!

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Hope I have help you, see you in next article? Bye!