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First, thanks for clicking on this article! Let's hope that this article doesn't disappear like my other one (long story). Anyways, I saw @sparkles_and_smiles doing something called the sparkle team so here is my article for it (congrats on 5k by the way :). Let's start!



So, we all have our bad moments and days right? Its just how life works. Here are some ways to make you feel great again that work for me:


The number one thing that always cheers me up is music. Just listen to your favorite songs. Like indie: Rebels. Pop: Thank u, next. Whether its in your head phones, on your phone or the radio, it always helps.

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Read or Write

I know that most of you probably like neither of these. But there are AMAZING books out there and fun things to write. Book recommendations: Wonder, On the run, Scarlet and Ivy, Unfortunate Event books and Stranded. Remember, don't judge a book by its cover. And for writing, write anything! A story, a poem, a song, or even your feelings. Just anything.

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Pets are a bundle of joy and they could never fail to make you smile. Go to your pet when you feel down :)

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Travel or just have some fresh air

Its nice to get your mind off stress and the perfect place to do that is outside. Travel so it can feel like a getaway or just get some fresh air

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Lastly, photography can help whether your looking at others or your taking some of your own. Its entertaining and kind of erases the world for a bit.

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Why I'm perfect for the Sparkle Team

Basically, everything in this article is something I do and love. I am also a thoughtful, caring and kind person (to share this article with you and to work on this at night). Other stuff about me is that I like to act and I love ballet. I'm a self taught gymnast and well, my name is Lea☻


Thank you for reading! I hope this article helped. Make sure to join the sparkle team before its too late.

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