Hi fashionable people! today I wanted to write something about a thing that has affected me over the years and yes by the title you may know that I'm talking about acne.

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I started having acne since I was 16 years old. I'm not gonna lie, it has been hard, seeing other girls with their pretty skin and having their period without suffering instead of me dealing every single day.
My mom used to tell me that it was because I was on my teen years but that was not quite true cause I started high school and I was a mess and then college.

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I tried every single thing on earth, every recipe on internet, tips from you tubers, etc. No, nothing happened I still was with terrible skin.
One day I was crying and I told my mom that I needed to see a dermatologist so we went and I started a treatment, I been doing it more than year now and the results are amazing.

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My confidence came back and I feel pretty again. The thing is that I never stoped being pretty I was just ashamed of something completely normal. And I get you people that is simply not easy to deal with this, but the truth is that your awesome and pretty and don't let that get you into depression. Just deal with it, stop using things that don´t work for you and go straight to the point. Going to the dermatologist is the best option, believe me.
Don´t discoure yourself and feel free!!!!!

If you are dealing with this problem and you want to talk just send me a message! I'm glad to help :)

-Alexa Yamira
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