we haven't even turned around and it's already almost end of the year. soon, the christmas comes, all the presents, joy and fun, maybe snow and definitely warm and cozy sweaters and blankets. yes this season is definitely coming.

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but then panic starts kicking in. what about new year? where will i go? i can't stay at home, i simply must go somewhere and have a lot of fun and drink all night long with some of my best friends and who will i kiss or maybe i won't but why am i still single? so on and on...

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there are certain expectations surrounding new year but of course you know what i'm talking about. we're crossing into new year and everything simply must be perfect. just to make it up for the rest of the year and to finally start fresh. it's the perfect timing. we must make this night right.

but guess what? i finally realized what are we doing wrong and i want to share it with you.

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you see, we have this wrong expectation that it has to be perfect but it doesn't. you don't have to go out or chase some parties searching for the best one because it will never happen. perfect new year's eve party doesn't exist. something will be simply missing and it will never be how you imagined it for sure.

also, we're so crazy about parties but what do you say we stay a home watching our favorite movie, tv show or read our favorite book again. the point is we make the night perfect for ourselves so we should spent it the way we like it.

who says we can't be all dressed up at home with a bottle of champagne doing what we love. it's not all about parties or people or being seen. it's just any other night.

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perfect new year's eve movie:
it's about many different people just trying to find perfect way to spend the new year and where and who to spend it with - and how it's never going to be perfect.

new year in tv shows:
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0606114/ - from How I met Your Mother - hilarious take on new year where the gang tries to make the night the best new year ever.

https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0583511/ - from FRIENDS - well no introduction necessary for friends, just laugh and good mood with it every time. actually this just makes me want to watch it all again.

just forget about everything and have fun darlings!! xo

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