If there´s a word that can describe what my grandparent meant to me was an unbreakable barrier. Raise in a society and a culture where women were seen as a sexual object, persons sensitive that act without thinking and slaves in the kitchen with the only purpose to please men it´s not surprising that he adapt this to his mind. In these years, feminist was a word that didn´t exist in my country. Women that didn´t do what society expect them to do were considered crazy or hysterical.

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In my childhood, he scolds me every time I fight or discuss with my brother or male cousins even though I didn´t start it. No matter what I did, he was angry with me all the time. I thought this was because of my behavior. However, he always took the chance to make me feel less than my brother and cousins. When I grow up, I realize that the problem with me wasn´t my behavior it was my gender.

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Because I was a female, I was inferior to him. His beliefs were so embed that he never thought of how he made me and other women feel when he said or do something sexist. My grandparent was the first person to show me how society will treat me and see me. And because I inherit the character of his family I wouldn´t allow any men to make me feel the same way he did. Without wanting it, he teaches me the things I shouldn’t do when I´ll be a mother or grandmother. I learn that my gender wasn´t any obstacle and that I could do whatever I want to if I propose it. He made me a feminist.

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I refuse to hate men because of the ones I met. I know that there are men that believe in equality and consider women human beings. I refuse to hate girls that don´t consider themselves feminist because everyone is free to choose what movement to feel identify. The only thing I know is that if something happen to these girls I ´ll help them.

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I am feminist because I believe in the equality between women and men. Because I want to feel free to do whatever I want to, without having to be all the time demanding respect or being in a constant state of fear. Because I want boys and girls have the same amount of opportunities and feel free. I want boys to express their feelings without it question their masculinity. I want girls to feel secure to walk alone, go to a party or any place.

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Frau Neuer
Frau Neuer