my closest friend
we're together as always
i have known him for 3 months
but we have grown so close
we're so alike
surrounded by 20 other people
a party a friday
we're sitting alone
ignoring everyone around
we've have had a drink too many
he leans in and says
''i love you"
i laugh in confusion
i thought of it as a joke
in his face i didn't see that look
that look when he's picking on me
that look when he's joking
we agreed that we won't talk about it
but we both couldn't ignore it
hours passed
our visions got blurrier
he asked
"so what do you feel"
i never gave him an answer
i couldn't do that
not to him
not to me
he grabbed my face
whispering that he know that i don't feel the same
he kissed me
i kissed him
this felt so normal
even though it was so strange
this felt like it's been dome before
was this love i feel
or is it just pity