Hello! ❀
Who loves to travel?? Well, I do!
I work my ass off every day so at least once a year I travel to a new country or go explore my own (Portugal).
Next year I'll go to Italy… not sure to what city or if I’m gonna do a interrail so if you have some advices please let me know.

Here are some travelling hacks I find very useful:

1- Plan in advance Pick your country, pick your city and start check on prices. If you have difficulties on picking your next adventure I suggest you follow some travel instagrams and blogs. They normally have a lot of pictures and ideas.
2 - buy the plane tickets at least four months before your trip They are less expensive.
3 - do the same we your accommodations Book them in advance in order to get some nice discounts. If you are in a trip to really know everything and walk a lot, then book some place with breakfast included. Hotel’s breakfasts normally are very full of food so you can take away some snack for your day.
4 - Museums and city activities some booking websites offer you discounts in activities in the city you choose. Keep them in mind because you may need them. Google if you need to buy the tickets for the museums or if they are free. If they’re not free then see if you can buy the tickets online because normally they’re cheaper and you don’t have to wait in lines and lose your vacations time on that.

5 - google for some reviews There are a lot of people blogging about their trips and adventures. That’s an easy way to know if you should buy some public transportations cards or where to eat, which places are really worth visiting, which are not, etc.
6 - speaking of eating Restaurants and food apps are my heroes because I always search for pics and menus before I enter a restaurant. We aren’t all rich so in real life we travel with a budget.
7 - learn the language if your gonna to a place with a different language try to learn a few words like hello, thank you and please. It’s always nice to see tourists making an effort.
8 - Pack light You will bring souvenirs. Vacuum bags are life saviors, friends.
9 - Write it all down Every information you collect, ticket prices, planes schedule, hotels, transportations, etc. write down your day and what you gonna visit and in what order. Plan your days, get organized. (or don’t, but I normally do and I get to see more stuff)
10 - learn the culture, meet people, be free, and have fun

So where are you going next? which countries you want to visit? Let me know

Thank you for reading