Hey everyone!
Good to see you guys. Hope everything is fine. I am a huge Game Of Thrones fan. I can't wait the new season. I am supporting Starks -but I'll create a fictional house for me- . As you know winter is coming it it comes for us. I decide to change story a little. If you are excited enough, let's begin!

My House

  • House Name: Barlkon
  • Direction: House Barlkon is in the west of the North.
  • About: Barlkon's live an island. They believe the Old Gods like the Starks.
  • Color: Light Blue/Silver
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Their symbol animal is Dove.


Name: Layora Barlkon
Age: 18
Hair: Wavy Brown
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin: Pale

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Robb Stark returned from the war with victory. The King In The North Robb Stark decided to marry with Princess Loraya of Barlkon House. They saw each other two years ago. That was a love at first sight. Robb Stark promised to Loraya he'll return safe and sound from war. He kept his promise. They married in Winterfell. Loraya and Sansa became close friends. Days went by happiness and safety. One day Loraya learned that she was pregnant. She said it to Robb immediately. When Robb heard the news he was walking on air.

They called him the Young Wolf.
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They say he can't be killed.
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It was a difficult birth. It was a healthy boy, he looked like his father. They named him Ned (His grandpa's name). Loraya was very tired. Doctors took care of her. She recovered a few days later. Robb has been very good father. After little Ned was three, Loraya birth her second child. This time born a princess. They named her Catheirna. Two years later Prince Theor was born.

Daily Life

Winterfell is a very cold place. Only northens can live here for a life. Children play around, Robb works for his people...
Dinners are eaten together in big saloon.

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