Hello lovely people!

Today I'm just going to publish something I wrote in m notebook the other day. It's something my mind has been occupied with lately.

It concerns, scares and depresses me that there is so little to literally touch, feel and hold onto anymore. At the age of Netflix, Spotify and Whatsapp nearly everything is digital and always available.
This makes movies, music and conversation seemingly easier to use but so much less valuable at the same time.
I like owning actual DVD's and CD's, touching them, the process of making them run.
I like writing on paper and looking at it later on, which I would hardly do with the notes on my phone.
I like to feel my photographs, to know that these are real moments that have been captured.
I like to see the people I am communicating with, being able to show affection if I feel like it.
Digitalisation doesn't make life and what it has to offer easier at all, not really. It might be quicker and lazier, but is that actually what we want? Do we want access to everything we consider precious with only a few tabs or clicks? Not even actually seeing what we own, what we are proud of and grateful for? Not having the blessing limitation of only focusing on one part of what we have or love at once, with all our heart and mind? Literally feeling and therefore processing, valuing it?
Digital can be equivalent to empty in so many cases.

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This is it, I felt like sharing this on here. In fact, I strongly believe that the only thing we truly own is ourselves, but it still drives me insane how much value of 'material' stuff or memories in our lives lose their value by making everything only exist on our phones and computers.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read this!

Greta xxx