Hi everyone! I've seen this article for a while and I really liked the idea so I'm exited to share with you: My name in colors!
My name is Alex Lóng. Alex means protector of mankind and Lóng means dragon in Chinese.
This is my name in colors.


A - a l o r a

Image by tenderlygirl girl, coffee, and tea image
Alora is warm beige brown. It's a very cozy and comforting color.

L - l i n e n

interior image cozy image
I love linen. There's something very poetic about the fabric and also the color... It's fresh, warm and dreamy.

E - e u c a l y p t u s

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I'm really into muted colors, and eucalyptus is a beautiful muted blue.

X - x i k e t i c

stars, sky, and dark image girl, photography, and camera image
Do you know how hard it was to find a color beginning on the letter 'x'? Xiketic is basically black. Not mind-blowing but it'll do the job haha

L - l a v e n d e r

nature image purple and aesthetic image
The color and flower lavender has a lot of meaning to me. For me lavender rhymes with: summer house in Provence, my french background, spending my childhood with my brother and walking through lavender fields with my girlfriend.

O - o c e a n g r e e n

hands, water, and aesthetic image ocean and blue image
Green is my favorite color I would say... I choose ocean green because the sea has something poetic and spiritual about it.

N - n a v y b l u e

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Dark blue makes me think of a lot of things! The night sky, the stars, the universe, everything that means everything to me...

G - g o l d

christmas, stars, and winter image snow and winter image
I love gold (and silver). Really magical colors...

Thanks for reading!