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From my articles you may have noticed I'm a part of a bunch of fandoms, one of them is the Carpenters, Sabrina Carpenter's fan base! I love her and her songs and her acting.

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Sooooo, since she just released the first half of her third album, Singular, I've decided to write down my favorite lyrics from all eight songs, I'm just going to write the lyrics, if you, for some reason, want an explanation, just message me and i'll try my best to give you one. Here we go!

  • 1: Almost Love
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"I want you like a loner wants an empty room"
  • 2: Paris
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"If you show me too much love, it makes me leave"
  • 3: Hold Tight feat. Uhmeer (this one holds a special place in my heart because Sabrina and Amir have been friends since they were on Girl Meets World, which is where I fell in love with both of them)
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"Or when I feel alone and I'm feeling gone, you can touch it a lil'"
  • 4: Sue Me
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"I know it's hard to see what you don't want to see, I know it's hard to see"
  • 5: prfct
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"It's not perfect aye, aye, aye but maybe that's what we need"
  • 6: Bad Time
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"I'm sorry, but you've called at a bad time, and every time is probably gonna be a bad time"
  • 7: Mona Lisa
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"Don't leave me hanging like the Mona Lisa"
  • 8: Diamonds Are Forever
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"Money don't buy class, and I can't be bought like that, like that"

Have a lovely day everyone! Hope you enjoyed this tag and let me know If you have any requests for my next articles…