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As you probably guessed by today's article (it's been so long I'm so sorry 'bout that), today is my birthday! I'm turning 15 on this particular 10th of November, and despite not feeling different at all, as usual, I'm still very happy ! So I thought it'd be nice to write this article, as I've seen multiple around in my WHI journey ahah.
So here we go, 14 things I've learned at 14.
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You're never better served than by yourself

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i've learned through this year that, even in group projects, if you want something, you better go get it ! no one's ever gonna go through trouble for you, so do what you got to do, and that's how you'll get the results you want.


People love you, no matter what

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i know sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you and no one loves you, but believe me, that ain't true. whether it's your parents, your siblings, a family member, your friends, your lover, someone you met online,... there's someone for you, you just gotta get to them.


The world's ain't gonna change if we don't do anything

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i know it's hard those days, between all the attacks towards the LGBTQ+ community, Earth crying for help, and crazy people being elected at the head of countries. but, just take a look at the latest midterms election in north-america. there are so many good people who've been elected ! gay, black, Native American, young people who want a better country. so let's not lose hope, and do whatever we can to save our planet and our lives.


You better work

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nothing ever comes without work. you can't expect to wake up someday and have everything you dreamed of, whether that's money, happiness, your dream job, anything. you have to put your damn soul and time into what you want to achieve, else it's not going to find you.


It's okay to be afraid of the future

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currently in senior year in high school, i'm freakin' terrified of what comes after. and that's okay, it's perfectly normal. not knowing what you want to do next with your life is normal. but you got to take this as an adventure. there will be obstacles, people with mean intentions, hard times. yet, if you do what you love, with people you love, everything will be okay, and most importantly, you'll be happy.


Not everything can be self-love

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i feel like once you start on this 'self-love' journey, there are a lot of this that you indulge yourself to do, even tho it's technically not self-love, like eating one more piece of cake, or skipping three days of workout. i'm personally very guilty of this, but it's something i'm trying to work on real hard.


Friends are something really fucking important

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i love my friends so much it hurts, and i realize everyday a bit more that they're my everything.


Crying is okay

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i'm a very sensible person, and whether it's at the movies or in an uncomfortable situation, i tend to cry very easily (which is both annoying and something i appreciate within myself). i've learned to accept that, and take my tears as they come. It doesn't matter hat people say, or think, everyone got a damn opinion, if you want to cry, do so.


Bodies are so beautiful

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i love bodies. every shape, color, details. you guys are awesome. i love you. i love the way you look. u r so beautiful. bodies are wonderful, because they tell you a story, and everything that hides behind the skin is breathtaking.


Breathe and let go

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we are all rushing, all day long, myself included (i'm a time freak), but sometimes, the best thing you can do is just sit down and think, analyse your thoughts, and take time to reflect on yourself. letting go of bad emotions you may have accumulated over the week, taking a bath, reading a book, drinking a hot sweet tea, letting go of everything holding you back (past love, something embarassing that happened to you,...)


I'm so fucking valid

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i'm non binary and pansexual, which are both concepts a lot of people are having trouble with, or invalidate. but i'm not alone (and you're not), and my identity is more than valid. i love the lgbtq+ community.


Take videos and photos, all the time

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not all the time of course, but as much as you can. memories are priceless, and eventually, they'll become stories you will tell your grandchildren.


Be kind

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to everyone, because you don't know their story, you don't know if you're going to make them smile, to save their day, or even their life, if you're the first person in a long time that've been nice to them, if it's going to make them realize they don't need to put other people down to feel good. or even if it's just for you, because it makes you feel good, as long as it helps someone.


Aging is cool

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taking one more year can be scary. You're basically getting closer to everything that is both terrifying : studies, leaving your hometown, lovelife, having a home of your own, death ultimately. but it's super exciting also, you get to do a lot more stuff, you discover so many wonderful thing, and you met more people who may stay in your life longer than you expected.

And that's it for today, you guys can check my last article right here ↓