Hello! Today I am doing my winter bedroom how to. I am sorry for the non-stop articles, I am trying to make up for the time I wasn't writing. I do hope that you guys like them. Here is my last bedroom how to:

I am going to make one for every season.

This one won't be too different from the last one but still changes. I love interior design and hope too make a career out of it. In the spring I will be doing some more articles on it.

Winter bedrooms, you'd think, are not that different from fall ones. I do not agree with that. There is just something about winter bedrooms, you can have the scent of pine trees and the aroma of pie wafting in from the kitchen., a song about chestnuts roasting on an open fire, a comfy blanket, the window with snow falling, and the company of your bed that is just so magical. Sound like something you want? Well keep on reading.

1) Lights

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During this time of the year my room is lit up with lights. It looks so pretty when it is night time. I get fake candles because I would probably light the place on fire with a bunch of real ones and buy fairy lights.

2) A really comfy throw

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These are real handy when it is cold, you're going to need it at night.

3) Mini Christmas tree

christmas, light, and winter image home, bedroom, and room image christmas, winter, and snow image basic, boho, and cabin image

4) Cinnamon stick

harry potter, broomstick, and autumn image Cinnamon, fall, and autumn image Image removed Cinnamon, autumn, and fall image
Okay, more like cinnamon broom so the first picture would be an actual representation. They make your room smell so good.

5) Made bed

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This is super important. I know a lot of people leave their beds unmade and it looks super inviting but to me that only works with more neutral colors or if all the blankets are close to the same color.

6) Touches of you

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Add something that you like. Give a lot of touches as you. When people see your bedroom they shouldn't see a bedroom, they should see a bedroom that looks just like something that you would like, something you would totally live in. This can be done with pictures, lamps, artworks of yours, or/and souvenirs.

7. Clean room

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This is super important. No one likes a dirty room. Clean that sucker up and see the full potential. It will make you feel so much better about yourself. If you don't want to do it than do something to get you to do it. You can put out your favorite drink and tell yourself that you are not allowed to drink it until your room is cleaned.

8. Invite the pet

dog, cute, and animal image christmas, decor, and interior image dog, light, and cute image light, room, and bedroom image
So cute!!!

9. Have the playlist on

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This just gives off the best vibes ever.
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I hope you liked it and I inspired you to get the Winter look for your bedroom.

, xoxo Katherine